At Swamp For RV Service we work on all major RV and camper needs, as well as specializing in many types of custom work.

* Full roof seals, treatments, and replacement

* Appliance repair

* Plumbing repair 

* 12v and 120V repair

* Awning and slide topper installation and repair

* Blow out repair

* Bearing and brake inspection and repair

* Brake control, and Tow wiring

* And much more!!! 


Specialty custom work includes:

* Custom cabinetry

* Custom TV mounts and retro fits

* LED lighting, Awning and undercarriage

* Professional WIFI, Satellite, and accessory installation 

* Van, and enclosed trailer conversion

​* Integrated pet suites

* Screen to storm door conversion

* And More!!

Cleaning Products


We aim to return your camper as clean as we found. We follow Covid-19 guidelines to maintain safety for our customers .

Security Cameras


Our fully fenced facility is monitored by 24/7 internet security systems. 

Wall Clock


We know that every second your camper is in the shop is one more second you could be camping.  We will always do our best to meet our customer's time expectations.

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